You can't lick stamps in China / 중국에서는 우표에 침을 바르지 않는다

Single-channel Video
As part of New York's WNET project, Paik organized the "VISA (Peace Correspondent)" series in 1978 where artists travelled and filmed in places as Vietnam, China, New York, and Moscow, and broadcast the videos. Paik himself produced "Media Shuttle: New York/Moscow" and "You Can't Lick Stamps in China" by editing and synthesizing source material and video footage. In the latter, art critic Gregory Battcock and three other fellow travellers meet a year after their two-month-long cruise to China and watch the footage together, recalling their trip. Out of the miscellaneous episodes including exotic landscape in the eyes of tourists and unfamiliar experiences caused by different political and social conditions there, Paik underscores the fact that differences in perspectives are often bigger than the actual cultural differences. Rather than exploring each culture per se, Paik in this series "picked up the cultural conflicts that occur on the subconscious level" by means of the medium of video.
Featuring: WNET