Wrap Around the World / 세계와 손잡고 컨트롤 룸

Seoul, New York, Japan, China, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Israel, Soviet Union, Brazil
Broadcast, Single-channel Video
On September 11th, 1988, one week before the Seoul Olympic Games, a grand satellite TV program organized by Nam June Paik went on air from 12:30 am to 2 am in Korea time. As the Cold War was coming to an end, eleven broadcasting stations across the globe, including those from Russia and China, took part in this project, the last of Paik's satellite opera trilogy. Like "Good Morning Mr. Orwell" and "Bye Bye Kipling," pop singers and avant-garde artists mingled together for this show; unlike the previous two, however, "Wrap Around the World" had a lot less content produced by transnational live link-up. It featured cultural productions by the various TV stations. The links included Kung Fu and a circus from China, a salsa carnival from Brazil, a motor race from Ireland, a Brahms concert at the Composer's House, and so forth. In Korea, Samulnori, a percussion quartet, performed in front of Paik's "The More The Better" installed in the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Paik himself also turned up, wearing dopo and gat, a gentlemen's robe and hat, and staging an ancestral rite, all in traditional forms.
Featuring: Al Franken, Tom Davis, LA LA LA Human Steps, Merce Cunningham, David Bowie, Ryuichi Sakamoto