Tiger Lives / 호랑이는 살아있다

New York
Broadcast, Single-channel Video
Commissioned by the Korea's Presidential Commission for the New Millennium, "Tiger Lives" produced by Nam June Paik, was presented on December 31, 1999 at Imjingak Pavilion and broadcast live in 77 countries around the globe via broadcasters such as KBS in Korea, ABC in the U.S. and BBC in England. A unique situation for the Korean Peninsula, the only region to be separated in the world still in a state of truce, aired all over the world, edited by Paik in his own style of rapidly changing imagery. In addition to the existing video, this work includes scenes of a 'fight between a tiger and a lion' and folk paintings of tigers. The video also features scenes from George Brecht's "Motor Vehicle Sundown" performed by the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, the American soprano singer Tracey Leipold performing Larry Miller's song, and Paik playing "I'll live in Mt. Geumgang" on the piano. Then Leipold and Paik, standing side by side, perform their own song in front of the "Three Elements." "Tiger Lives" represents Paik's wish for Koreans to make a step forward for a new vision after a long time of suffering.