The Medium is The medium / 매체는 매체다

Single-channel Video
"The Medium is the Medium," broadcast on WGBH Boston on March 23, 1969, was the U.S.'s first television program about video art, featuring the works of six artists. "What happens when artists take control of television? [...] They all see in television an immediate way of reaching a vast audience and creating a museum for millions." Beginning with this narration, the program consisted of Aldo Tambellini's "Black," Thomas Tadlock's "Architron," Allan Kaprow's "Hello," James Seawright's "Capriccio," Otto Piene's "Electronic Light Ballet," and Nam June Paik's "Electronic Opera No. 1." About five minutes long, Paik's work televised an accidental composition of images out of a dancer's movements with three hippie men's faces produced in real time, found footage of President Nixon and his attorney John Mitchell, and various dancing patterns recorded from his experimental televisions.
Featuring: WGBH, Electronic Opera No 1