Rain Inside Heart (Snow) / 내 마음 속의 비 (스노우)

In "Rain Inside Heart (Snow)," it "rains" inside a heart at the center of the monitor. Countless different patterns in white move ceaselessly and repetitively, fast and slow, which imbues the heart with a feel of vitality. By adding "snow" to the title, Nam June Paik implies that this work is about white noise, alias dictus, "snow," meaning white dots and waves in disorder on a television screen when tuned into channels that broadcasting stations do not use, or when there are no broadcasts. While the white patterns, which look like results of random-number generations by the computer, are falling down, the heart itself gets bigger and smaller, and the colors inside and outside the heart continuously change as well. In the middle of the video, figurative images from Paik's previous videos replace the abstract patterns with velocity, which appear in distorted and shaken forms as if by signal disturbance. Patterns that resemble white noise, and the deformed and unidentifiable figurations that undulate inside the heart vessel, seem to reflect what may be called the dialectical relationship between control and indeterminacy in cybernetics. "It rains in my computer, as it rains in my heart."