Electronic Opera No 2 (Video Variations) / 전자 오페라 2번 (비디오 변주곡)

Single-channel Video
"Electronic Opera No. 2" is the title of Nam June Paik's work, who participated in "Video Variations" conducted by seven artists in collaboration with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, which WGBH produced in 1972. In harmony with Beethoven's "Piano Concerto No. 4," Paik's work displays an attack on Beethoven's head together with a performance image of a burning piano. It was told that the Boston Symphony Orchestra did not quite like this scene, as it was understood as a challenge to the authority of Western music. The work is praised as the classic of early video art, and esteemed as an experimental work that preceded the 1980s MTV with regards to cultural history, along with "Video Commune."
Featuring: Boston Symphony Orchestra, Burning Piano, Beethoven, TV Lab