Electronic Art exhibition highlight / 전자예술 전시 하이라이트

New York (US), Chicago (US), Germany
Nam June Paik had held four serial solo exhibitions under the title of "Electronic Art" at the Galeria Bonino, New York, from 1965. These exhibitions presented the aesthetics of video different from his single-channel videos aired by broadcasting stations. This video shows a sketch of the 1968 exhibition "Electronic Art II," featuring Paik's experimental TVs and various video sculptures. One of Paik's works included in the video is "Caged McLuhan," which was produced with the similar mechanism as "Nixon." This variation of the media theorist Marshall McLuhan gives us a clue to guessing the complementary relationship between Paik and McLuhan, who provided an insightful analysis of the media in his influential book, "Understanding Media." Also, the video helps us to read the message of Paik's media, which found the interactive possibilities of TV, associated with McLuhan's idea of "the medium is the message," meaning that TV is not a one-way medium but that there can be many variations on it through an artist's intervention.
Featuring: Galeria Bonino, Electronic Art, Laser Experiment, Electronic Super Highway, John Cage, Whitney Museum, TV Fish, Kubota Shigeko, Byramid, Megatron