Bye Bye Kipling / 바이바이 키플링

Seoul (Korea), Tokyo (Japan), New York (US)
Single-channel Video
"Bye Bye Kipling" is the second piece out of Nam June Paik's satellite project series, connecting Seoul, New York, and Tokyo on October 3rd of 1987. The video refutes the claim Britain's poet Kipling made, which states that the East and the West will never understand each other. Through this piece, wherein artists such as Lou Reed from the rock band The Velvet Underground, contemporary composer Philip Glass, composer and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, architect Arata Isozaki, and designer Issey Miyake are featured, Paik shows the simultaneity of time, expanding television as a medium that connects the East and the West to a satellite project.
Featuring: Dick Cavett, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Fred Thompson, Catherine Switzer. Skip Blumberg, Asian Games, Marathon, Satellite, Lou Reed, Philip Glass, Arata Isozaki, Issey Miyake