Allan n Allen's Complaint / 앨란과 앨런의 불평

Israel, Masada
On Artists, Single-channel Video, Documentary
Allen Ginsberg, the American poet who represented the Beat Generation and led the Hippie Movement, is also called a Counterculture prophet. Allan Kaprow is an American artist who created Happenings that incorporate art into everyday life, influenced by John Cage. In this video, Nam June Paik intends to resolve complaints of the two artists by synthesizing and manipulating images. Allen Ginsberg meets and talks with his father Louis Ginsberg on screen, who pursued a totally different life from his, three years after his father's death. Meanwhile, Paik helps Kaprow who wants to walk on the river like Jesus but fails, using video synthesizing techniques. Paik suggests a pleasant solution, a video traveling beyond time and space, to complaints of the two artists as well as art colleagues, who took different ways from each other.
Featuring: Allan Kaprow, Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, desert, conversation, father and son, Nam June Paik