A Tribute to John Cage / 존 케이지에게 바침

Single-channel Video, Broadcast, On Artists
American composer of contemporary music John Cage, who showed interest in drawing, writing as well as the study of mushrooms, had a lot of influence on contemporary artists including Nam June Paik. This work that Paik produced in celebration of Cage's 60th birthday was Paik's homage to Cage, broadcast on WNET in 1973. The video begins with Paik's tribute to Cage's "4' 33''" performed in Woodstock 20 years ago and shows Cage's performance of playing this piece at Harvard Square where many political protests had taken place. After the phrases "Listen to the whisper of your plant." and "See your left eye with your right eye." appear on the screen, the piece shows Cage walking around New York City following the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, followed by a performance of measuring his brain waves. Charlotte Moorman performs and Alvin Lucier is interviewed.
Featuring: John Cage, Charlotte Moorman, Alvin Lucier