9-23-69 Experiment with David Atwood / 9/23/69: 데이비드 애트우드와의 실험

Boston (US)
Video Synthesizer, Single-channel Video
WGBH, the broadcasting station of Boston, had run the artist-in-residence funded by the Rockefeller Foundation in the late 1960s. Invited to this program, Nam June Paik conducted various experiments together with producer David Atwood, on September 23, 1969 as indicated in the title. Taking advantage of the station's audiovisual equipments, Paik created abstract patterns and distorted found footage, observed different electromagnetic effects on a candle placed in the studio, and recorded and synthesized the faces of other producers, Fred Barzyk and Olivia Tappan. He also modified and manipulated sound so that the existing relationships between image and sound were dissolved. This work was produced in real time but was not broadcast. It was primarily for the sake of Paik's experimenting with different techniques and effects. What he learnt from this work contributed to the completion of the "Paik-Abe Video Synthesizer."
Featuring: WGBH, Nam June Paik, David Atwood, Fred Barzyk, Olivia Tappan, 1969